When the Whirlpool Corporation came out with a consumer version of the front loading washing machine, I set my sites upon it like a laser. What could be better than having your own laundromat washer at home? I couldn’t wait to get one.

I’m not sure when my fascination with the clothes washing process began. I remember watching my mother do laundry in a big old washing machine with a ringer on the side (Yes, I am that old.). It was mesmerizing to watch the clothes get drawn under the soapy water by the big, broad agitator. I also remember trips to the laundromat. Buying the adorable mini boxes of detergent from the vending machine, putting the coins in the slots to start the machines and the clicking sounds as the machines went through their cycles.  And then there was the smell. No matter what detergents or other additives were being used, there was always the smell of clean. Freshly washed clothes from the washing machine and warm clothes, right out of the dryer. Heavenly.

We bought our first front loading pair (washer and dryer) with our tax return one year. I dragged a chair into the laundry room to watch load after load roll and tumble, first in the washer and then in the dryer. It was completely captivating. Certainly better than any TV show. My son even wondered where I was. “Watching the laundry spin,” he was told. 

There is something so soothing about watching clothes roll through the soapy water. The sound is so relaxing and watching it is entrancing to me. I’m sure there’s some psychological theory behind this obsession but no matter. It hurts no one, bothers no one and is a wonderful stress reliever. In these days of “mindfulness” I find peace in laundry.

So if you need me for anything, check the laundry room. 😊

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