After months or reading, classes, hive assembly and painting, yesterday I became a beekeeper. I picked up my pre-ordered box of bees and brought them home. And promptly got stung. In the face. Yes, I am truly a novice and if I ever thought this would be a breeze, the bees put me in my place. Fair enough and lesson learned. They are just doing what bees do when they feel threatened. After several days locked up in a box, they were a little testy. So, after doing things the “Murphy Way” (the wrong way first and then the correct way) I started over.

Undeterred, I fashioned a makeshift bee veil out of some mesh I had in my sewing room and my hoodie cinched tightly around my head, donned leather gloves and lit my smoker. I gathered up the box, put it into our little red wagon and proceeded out to the hive. Thanks to a bit of smoke, the bees were much calmer and I was able to open the door in the box.  Out they came with great speed. I could almost hear their relief at being free. For the rest of the day, I left them alone to roam thier new surroundings, eat, drink and generally make themselves at home. I checked on them in the evening (approaching from behind like I was supposed to) and they were still busily flying in and out. And the sound. The low buzzing just sounded happy and content to me. That’s a good sign, I think.

This afternoon, my mentor will be coming out to supervise me as I put the bees into my hive. I’ll try to keep a lid on my excitement and do what I know I should. I am excited and nervous. I know I’ll make mistakes in this new endeavor. I also know I will learn a ton by those mistakes and I look forward to it.

A new adventure. Lots to learn and lots to see. I can’t wait!

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