Today is the day for lofty and mostly empty resolutions. Diet, exercise more, organize, on and on. All made with the best of intent and sincerity yet people being people, rarely attained. I haven’t made an actual resolution in years. Despite my best efforts, round about February, whatever I had planned on doing has gone by the wayside.

This year, I have decided to revisit the resolution tradition but with a bit of a twist. I have decided to try and be better; a better person, do a better job (professionally), embrace my creativity better, make better choices, do better things.

We are faced with choices all day, every day. What if we put more thought into these choices and chose the better option? Things might take longer or be more involved but isn’t “better” a good result? What would happen then? Whatever we were doing would be done with hopefully a better outcome, we’d feel better about the effort put into it and maybe others would feel better about it as well? Sensing a theme here? 😀

I dare say that striving for “better” just might end up in weight loss, an improved diet, organization, positive outlook, etc., etc. without even really setting out for those to begin with? Maybe not but I think being “better” can only end positively. We should go easy on ourselves. Be BETTER and see what happens. The results could surprise us.

My wish for everyone is a BETTER year. Whatever that means for you. Happy New Year!

There…that’s better. 🙂


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